File Manager for Resellers

Hey there,

I have Virtualmin Pro and was wondering how I can give access to the File Manager for Resellers so it only shows their domains.

Or if that isn’t possible is there somewhere I am missing which allows them to access the file manager from within their account even if they have to click a button that says Login as Domain user similar to how other buttons exist for me in my root account for Login to Usermin and Login to Webmin. Because I think the domain user is supposed to have access to the File manager just for their domain.



Domain user may or may not have File Manager access. That’s up to you. Set it in the Module Configuration->Extra modules available to server administrators.

Oh, and we’re talking about resellers…so, yes, the reseller will have to switch to the domain owners admin account. Resellers are pretty limited in what they can do within virtual server accounts.

Thank you! That was perfect, it helps a lot. Just the specific wording you used helped. There was a link under Administration Options for Switch to Server’s Admin which would switch to the domain user and then I could see File Manager under Webmin Modules on the Virtualmin section but it was under Other in the Webmin section.