File Manager error

Virtualmin version 3.52 (Pro)
Webmin version 1.401-1
Usermin version 1.330

When trying to open the fine manager from usermin, I get the following java error on 2 different computers
Usermin > Others > File Manager

The browser locks up on this error and has to be forcibly closed thought the windows task manager. I have tried as the text suggests to disable referrer checking and the error remains.

instead of turning off security
I would like to know how I can let my browser send the <tt>referers<tt> needed.
Then this warning should not come up.

any help on correcting this issue?

BUMP on this one. Having difficulties running file manager with IE on XP SP3 and Firefox on Mac 10.2.8

There is a fix for that. It involved upgrading both webmin and the file manager to the current versions.

FF 3.53 and Safari 4.03 still seem to give problems, per one client.

Another has a Mac, unspecified browser, and has problems.

I have the latest Virtualmin Pro, and just did a yum update virtualmin, which found no updates.

Need more info, please.



Can you clarify what version of both Webmin and Virtualmin are installed? You can see that on the System Information screen right after you log in.

What problems are you seeing when using the file manager?


I copied this: Webmin version 1.480 Virtualmin version 3.73 Pro

I haven’t done a screenshare with these users. It seems to be easy to re-create- so far, 2 of 2 Mac users have problems. I have a BrowserCam account, so I can run remote control sessions…let me see…there is some problem with my BC account…sorry.


Well, even just hearing what error message they’re receiving would be helpful…

Not all of us have a Mac we can test with :slight_smile:

The Firefox issues you’re seeing – is that when running from a Mac? Or do you see those same issues when running on Windows and/or Linux?


I am running FF 3.0.14 on Ubuntu with no problems…I did have some grief getting Java installed, but once that was done, no further problems.

I will try to get more info from my users. I have pointed them both to this thread.


OK, I got one report back…

"Not so much an error message, as much as I couldn’t get into
the files to edit them. I would click on them and nothing would happen.

However, I got the mac working.

I had to turn off the pop-up blocker.
This allowed me to then get into the file mgr files and edit them.