File directory and no page load

Hello everyone, I need a little bit of help here!

I just install this new panel, because all the other one are not enough customisable as what I wish to do, but I have a big problem actually.

I have a domain actually set, and it’s also set on webmin as a main server. I created too a sub server (sub domain) pointed to

All directory has been created on the server. But, when we try to reach the adresss, it’s only show up Index of without any files on it. It supposed to have the basic index.html. What is wrong?

In case, you need to know, all dns record are made from namecheap so this is not the problem, everything working fine on another control panel.

Thanks you for the futur answer! Have a good day.


It load the /var/www/html/ folder for all domain and sub domain… that normal?

Operating system:
CentOS 7

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No, this is not normal. You need to install Virtualmin on a fresh server - that is a server with just the OS on it. After Virtualmin is installed on a fresh server, you will use Virtualmin (and not Webmin) to create a virtual server (or a website) and this will automatically be under /home/username

ACtually, I have both directory. /home/username/public_html have a index.html too file. But it’s not currently loading.

Well, /home/username/public_html is the webroot and should render its content on a standard Virtualmin system.

Did you install Virtualmin on a fresh server? Or was Apache etc installed before you installed Virtualmin?

Basicaly, I tryed to install vesta panel just before, on a fresh install of CentOS 7 from GODaddy install package. The install just failed and I decided to install this panel after the failure… maybe that the problem? I don’t think the faillure has install apache and all other things…

Install Virtualmin on a fresh server. Setup DNS the way it works best with Virtualmin (browse the forum / rtfm). You will be fine after that.

I need to install DNS? Because I actually have namecheap basic dns services.

I install it, and let it consume a bit of RAM, even on servers on which I don’t use BIND because, like yours, the domains on that server use DNS of namecheap and the like.

Virtualmin requires its local DNS server for DKIM and quick(er) lookups for mail delivery. One could go without the local DNS server but it might cause quirks.

Okai, thanks you, I gonna check that. DId I need to make yum update before installation?

Yes, a yum update (and reboot after the updates) would be a sensible prelude to a Virtualmin installation.

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FInally, after tree reinstall, Doesn’t even work… I try webmin instead of Virtalmin… webmin does’nt support adding domain or sub domain.

Webmin is not an alternative to Virtualmin. If you want a web hosting control panel Virtualmin is what you want. Webmin is a general purpose system management tool, not a web hosting control panel. The same people made both, why would we make two tool to do the same thing?

Please follow the instructions for installing Virtualmin provided on our download page, if you want to use Virtualmin. Please don’t ignore the instructions and expect it to work. It has to be a freshly installed, supported, operating system.

If you install following the instructions and you still run into problems, feel free to open a new topic. This issue is solved (you can’t install over another control panel, that cannot possibly ever work).

Go to your virtualmin of your domain, and add “sub-server” to it…before you do it delete the old one. Your sub links to some admin page wich is not working. When u add the domain add only or any other

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