Few Questions about virtualmin


I installed virtualmin on freshly cent os 7 and every thing works fine till i activate this option

[Apache SSL website enabled?]

the website stop working and start shows me 403 error

i tried to deactivate this option but no luck, i delete the account and create new on but the error still shows up, even if i try http the website go to https on the browser…

you can check it motorsme . com
BTW i delete htaccess file but same issue still on.

any advice ?

second question is about setting name server on Virtual Server

Please correct me if i made a mistake, first thing i did is register host on my domain CP (godady)

Then i click on server configuration -> DNS Records, and create a new “A - IPv4 Address” record, check screenshot

Then System Settings’ -> ‘Server Templates’ -> ‘Default Settings’ -> 'BIND DNS Domain and i add this…

Is this correct ?

I just went to your site and see what looks like a recent Wordpress install.

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