Is there any real reason this won’t work with Fedora8? I just purchased the pro package before I read the fine print and I am using Fedora8. Why just one server? It’s almost a beta package anyway by your own admissions. I am small potatoes and run redundant servers so at least one is up and running at all times. It sounds like a good idea but I can’t spend my time if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. [img] If you want this software put through it’s paces , let it loose.–the dirtybird [img]

I totally agree.

I can appreciate how long it must take to do per distro testing and validating, but I would really like to upgrade my Fedora to 8 and get all the new packages and security software working for me. There has been practically no updates in Core or Extras for some weeks…sometimes I think that Fedora has been forgotten…and it has…there are 7 and 8 ahead of it.

I know that your favorite distro is the RPM based one two, so we ‘Fedora’ guys and gals are probably wondering like me if your going to push something out soon.

Judging from the previous post Fedora 8 Install Support being viewed 133 times and this one already at 15, there is some very good interest in this.

While I have your attention…how about some VirtManager Support…Vistualization Support, and then I’ll buy a multi-server lic. no problem(Fedora/Ubuntu/CentOS etc…xens)

Any Takers??

Is there any real reason this won't work with Fedora8?

The software will work fine…but the installer, and all of the binary packages it relies on, will not. If you don’t mind rebuilding your Apache package, you should be able to get by on F8 until it is officially supported…but you’ll also have to do all of the configuration that the script usually does for you.

F8 should be officially supported in a few days.

Your few days are up!!

FC8 X64??? Please??? I purchased this software and haven’t been able to use it. I’m out like $70 for nothing. Can I at least get my $ back if you aren’t going to support it SOON?

It really is coming soon. Hopefully by tomorrow.

Can I at least get my $ back if you aren't going to support it SOON?

Of course. We never refuse a refund for any reason. Email us at refunds@virtualmin.com and your money will be back in your account quicker than you can say "Why is Joe so damned slow to support new systems?"

Why are people getting upset for buying something before they read if its supported?

We aren’t upset, just excited about the possibilites offered by the combination of the best open source linux distro and virtualmin. Fedora is a main player and a 2-year old release just won’t cut it.

I’m not getting upset. I’ve always been truly impressed with the products this team puts out, which is why I bought it upfront. I saw that Fedora was supported, so I bought it. Being a Linux neophyte, (one reason I bought this product was to make it easier to admin), I didn’t realize that things were Core specific. So, yes it’s my fault. I was getting a bit concerned that it wouldn’t be supported since it’s the only distro I seem to be able to get to work with my hardware in an easy fashion.

Being a part-time work at home mom, I’m not flush with cash. I’d tried writing to them before about a refund once I realized my mistake. That was about a month ago. But I never got a response, and there’s no obvious phone number to call for sales and support questions.

So, to sum up. You guys rock. You make great products. I’ve always been a fan of web admin. But I’m slavering for VirtualMin, particularly since I’ll be having someone work with me whose a Linux virgin. I at least have a little bit of Linux experience, and over 12 as a sr. software developer for Windows systems. So computers aren’t a total bafflement to me. I understand development timelines get skewed. All I wanted was a 411. Sometimes, as a developer you say you’ll development something and then after you get into it, you realize it’s not easily done, or other higher priority fires get thrown @ you. Been there; done that. Good luck!


Seems like theres a new release of Fedora every other month, which must make it difficult for the guys to keep up with the releases.

VM Pro is aimed at people running production hosting environments and Fedora isn’t really a recommended OS for that. I’ve learned this from painful experience when a yum update killed my server and i was faced with a long night of restoring and angry clients.

I moved to RHEL4 for the stability, but now i’ve swapped to CentOS because i know i can rely on the support from Joe and Jamie as its one of the “Grade A” supported systems, and because the release won’t be EOL’d after a year.

If it were a choice between say RHEL and Fedora, i can understand choosing Fedora if you’re on a tight budget, but CentOS and Fedora are both free so, assuming you’re starting with a fresh OS install (as recommended), why not choose the one that has the better support?

Just my $0.02, interested to hear yours :slight_smile:


Fedora is a main player and a 2-year old release just won't cut it.

Actually, Fedora 7 is supported…I just forgot to update the information about it.

It’s debatable whether Fedora is the best Open Source Linux distro for servers, with me coming down on the other side of that debate. Short lifecycle is a world of pain waiting to happen for anyone who administers Fedora on remote servers. :wink:

I use Fedora on my desktop, and like it a lot…but my servers run distros with longer life in them, like CentOS, Debian, and RHEL.

Actually I have VM pro running fine on Fedora8. I had to install it manually which was not that much of a problem. The value of an install script from you is to give us an idea of what a correctly installed, working and configured installation looks like so when (not if) we make changes and something won’t work we have some idea what to go back to. The value of VM to me is to do quick and easy configuration in future work. I don’t mind time-consuming, tedious work now if it saves me time in the future.