Fedora 8

is coming out in a week. Any thoughts about an upgrade from F5? Or should I stick with with F7 for now?

It’ll be a couple of weeks after release before Virtualmin has support for F8. Fedora releases are historically some of the easiest to support (because it has almost all of our “extra” packages in the Everything repository, it uses yum which is the nicest package manager, and it’s very familiar for me since my desktop has been Red Hat since 5.0, and I’ve used every release along the way)…but, it still takes time to get things built and tested.

Thank you for the quick response.
I am moving my server to a new colo on 11/17 and I was hoping to do an upgrade at the same time… Since I am not installing fresh, do you foresee any reason to not got to F8 since your support will be shortly after? I know you can’t give a definitive answer :sunglasses: