Features Request related to Nginx integration

Even Apache 2.4 came to solve a lot of performance issues, there is no doubt Nginx popularity is growing faster and faster. Webmin/Virtualmin combination is incredible to use and it is a shame Nginx integration is so poor.

I would like to present you a list of features for being integrating in Virtualmin:

  • Nginx and Nginx SSL into the standard install script

  • Nginx as proxy server for Apache. Vesta CP made already this and is ready for more Nginx support in the next versions

  • Alternative option to use PHP-FPM in a wrapper like what is doing now PHP-CGI & fastcgi. If someone will choose Nginx to be ready to create their own instances of PHP-FPM

  • Mailman, phpAdmin and AWStats DAV, should work with Nginx. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet to do this, but it is done manually and controlled only by Terminal.

I hope in the next year we will see more Nginx. ISPConfig, Vesta, ZPanel, are doing this already, but it is not like Virtualmin touch :))

This forum post should get you started:


Also in this other forum post (last posts) :


We are discussing the “crowdfunding a developer” idea to have a developer put together a PHP-FPM module for the use with Virtualmin.

Ok, let’s say PHP-FPM is almost solved. But what about the others? Too much support for Apache, and less for Nginx. I am looking over the statistics and Nginx usage is growing so fast.

What about having RoundMail integration? It is a long list. I saw many using Webmin for administration and ISPConfig for virtual servers skipping Virtualmin. Only for having Nginx based solutions.

I agree collecting funds to make Virtualmin switching to Nginx.


I haven’t integrate phpMyAdmin or RoundMail with the setup I mention earlier, but I was able to use it with Drupal 7 in a production site and the performance is amazing.

Correct me if am I wrong, but even the way Virtualmin install those scripts is in a directory of the account right? if so, I don’t think it will be too hard to make them work with the new setup.