Features & Plugins Incomplete

I need some help. When trying to edit what features are allowed, the page loads however it is incomplete, as seen in the picture below.

There is no error in any log that I can find and have updated to the latest version. Any ideas?


btw, i’ve used the command virtualmin disable-feature to disable some but i’d like this list to be complete.


Is the Webmin log one of the logs you looked at?

The Webmin log is in /var/webmin/miniserv.error.

The page may have crashed, and if that happens, it should dump an error in there.


thank you for the reply.

yes that is one of the logs i looked at. there was only one error in relation to awstats, which thanks to the people of this forum, was able to resolve.

[13/Feb/2013:19:22:32 +0000] [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] /virtualmin-awstats/view.cgi : Missing Headers

any other ideas?

Anyone have any ideas?

this seems to also be preventing me from backing up properly. when doing the following command: virtualmin backup-domain --dest /root/backups/ --all-domains --all-features --newformat --all-virtualmin

i get the error:
Saving FTP directory restrictions …
Error: Module proftpd does not exist

Module proftpd does not exist

NO domains use proftpd and i cannot disable it in features. please, please, help.

also used this command and got same error.

virtualmin backup-domain --dest /root/backup/ --all-domains --all-features --except-feature ftp --newformat --all-virtualmin

FYI fixed.

it has to do with virtualmin-google-analytics plugin. i had to disable from ALL domains and then remove it completely for features and plugins to load.

worth investigating that plugin.