features list Virtualmin Pro vs GPL?


I have today installed Virtualmin as follows:

Webmin version 1.420
Virtualmin version 3.57.gpl (GPL)

on a box newly configured with Centos 5.1. The install was a complete nobrainer, thanks very much, one of the best I’ve ever seen.

I have since added a server and in the list of server features available I don’t see a wiki option. I am not sure if there is some configuration option I can add to make this appear or if in fact it is not available in the GPL version. Can anyone point me to a current feature list comparison? And what forum is appropriate for discussing new features?


Howdy Dave,

Virtualmin GPL lacks the Install Scripts capability found in Virtualmin Professional. Virtualmin Professional includes script installers for DokuWiki, Instiki, MediaWiki, MoinMoin, Php-Wiki, TikiWiki, and TWiki. Trac in the bug trackers category also includes a wiki.

The comparison page is hopefully always up to date, and it definitely accurately cover the lack of Install Scripts in Virtualmin GPL:


Although, in 3.58, GPL gets a major overhaul in the spam/AV area and will have the same tools as Virtualmin Professional, so the chart will need an update in a day or two when 3.58 is released. The backup features also converge in GPL and Professional in 3.58, so 3.58 is a really big release for GPL users.

But, it’s unlikely the Install Scripts interface will be in GPL any time soon. Partly because it is the most demanding aspect of our product from a support and development standpoint (so it has to make money, or we can’t afford to spend so much time on it), and partly because it is a really complex part of the product and requires a huge swath of packages to be maintained across all of our supported platforms, in addition to the actual scripts themselves. e.g. we have to maintain mod_fcgid packages, various Ruby and Python and Perl and PHP packages or dependency lists, and loads of other stuff.

Don’t forget the API’s in VM Pro as well.

The comparison covers the API differences:

[b]Developer Access[b]

Pro: Complete, simple to use, remote and command line API. Flexible and open API for creating third party modules.

GPL: Create/Read/Update/Delete remote and command line API. Flexible and open API for creating third party modules.

Though, perhaps, just saying “complete” doesn’t make it altogether clear what complete means. To us it means “everything in the UI is accessible via the command line and a remote API”, but I suppose others might think complete means something less…umm…complete.

The API in the GPL is less robust then the Pro version that’s for sure.

Does the GPL version include the migration script from other hosting panel, such as kloxo!?

Thanks in advanced,


Virtualmin (both Pro and GPL) contain the ability to migrate from some other control panels… you can see the available options in Add Virtual Servers -> Migrate Virtual Server.

However, I don’t believe Kloxo is one of the options, unfortunately… the available options are cPanel, Ensim, Plesk, and LXadmin.


Thank You for Your answer.
Lxadmin/kloxo should be fuly compatible, the only thing changed is the name.
I will give a try to see it live.

Best regards,


I was checking and it seems to work. Thanks again!