Features have disapeared.

I’m using version 3.48 on a CentOS 5 server. Until last night, I could create a new virtual server. I’m not able to find the option in the menu now. Also, I was able to select a script to load various applications, (such as Joomla or others),but now, cannot find the option to select.

False alarm. I’ve logged in wrong on the server. Once logging in correctly, I have the features I thought were missing. Must have to do with permissions. I’m in the learning curve. Please forgive wasting your time.

Did you, perhaps, create a virtual server owned by root? (This nonsensical choice trips up quite a few folks…we need to make it impossible to do.)

If so, you basically made Webmin apply all of the restrictions that a virtual hosting user would have to the root user…which makes a lot of things “disappear”. Because Webmin doesn’t actually have a “super user” concept–any user can be restricted in any way you want–it’s possible to pull the system right out from under root.

To fix it, you’ll have to hit the command line.

Edit the file /etc/webmin/webmin.acl

And find the root: user line, and change it to:

root: backup-config change-user translator usermin virtualmin-notes server-manager webminlog webmin servers acl bacula-backup init passwd quota mount fsdump ldap-client ldap-useradmin logrotate mailcap mon pam proc at cron sentry software inittab man syslog useradmin virtualmin-init security-updates virtualmin-awstats apache bind8 pserver dhcpd dovecot fetchmail frox jabber majordomo mysql openslp postfix postgresql proftpd procmail qmailadmin mailboxes sshd samba sendmail spam sarg squid virtualmin-google-analytics virtualmin-mailman virtualmin-svn virtual-server virtual-server-gpl wuftpd webalizer adsl-client bandwidth ipsec krb5 firewall exports nis net nettools pap ppp-client pptp-client pptp-server stunnel shorewall virtualmin-registrar idmapd filter burner grub raid lvm fdisk lpadmin smart-status time vgetty cluster-passwd cluster-copy cluster-cron cluster-shell cluster-software cluster-usermin cluster-useradmin cluster-webmin cfengine heartbeat shell custom file tunnel phpini php-pear cpan htaccess-htpasswd ruby-gems telnet status updown virtualmin-dav virtualmin-htpasswd virtual-server-svn dfsadmin dnsadmin inetd ipfilter ipfw lilo smf syslog-ng xinetd virtualmin-oracle virtualmin-mysqluser virtualmin-signup

Note this is all on one line.

Once that’s done, you can use the Webmin Users and Groups module to re-permit full access to all of the effected modules (Virtualmin, MySQL, Apache, BIND, PostgreSQL…I believe that’s all…but I might be missing one or two.)