Features-from-plan & limits-from-plan not working correctly


I’m testing Virtualmin API to create a virtual server.

I created account plan name L1 with specific disk (512 MB) and bandwidth quota (5120MB).

Then i created a virtual server using url: https://ip:10000/virtual-server/remote.cgi?program=create-domain&json=1&domain=duck13.com&pass=123456&email=xxxx%40yahoo.com&user=duck13com&dns=&web=&webmin=&plan=L1&mysql-pass=123456&features-from-plan&limits-from-plan

I can see the new account created, but Administration Options > Disk Usage showed the Quota for disk is only 4KB for home directory, instead of 512 MB.

A second problem is: I tried uploading a 27MB file to the newly created server, and it seems everything is OK, regardless of the bigger size than the Quota limit shown in Administration Options > Disk Usage.

So is there any way to force stopping users from uploading more data to the server if the disk usage exceeds the quota value?

Anyone could help me with the 2 problems?