Feature request: Using a staging environment when requesting the Let's Encrypt certificate for testing/debugging

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Every single time when I’m trying to debug some certificate issues I find myself locked out from production Let’s Encrypt network… It would be amazing if there were to be an option to switch to staging LE environment for the duration of the testing as they offer quite higher rate limits on the staging environment.
What I’m thinking is like additional checkbox (by the request wildcard cert option) to switch to staging env.

It seems that in case of certbot it is a simple switch that has to be added (–dry-run). More info: Staging Environment - Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates

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@Jamie this seems like a reasonable wish, as long as UI can be kept simple and hard to mess up. Maybe just a “Test Certificate Request” button or something, so it isn’t a state a user can accidentally put their system into (i.e. if it were a checkbox and the user left it checked it would generate non-working certs…but a Test button wouldn’t effect the regular renewal requests and such, just allow the user to see if the LE requests will work). I guess?

Right, a button seems better so it doesn’t interfere the normal process :slight_smile:
Maybe I’d go even further and kinda hide it in a dropdown as it would only be used in testing purposes.

Something like this (grabbed the element from theme update section)

This can be done already, using the command-line API. You can request a staging Let’s Encrypt cert with a command like virtualmin generate-letsencrypt-cert --domain example.com --staging

If that’s not enough, I could also add this option in the UI.


Yep this is totally enough - Was already searching for something like this, but couldn’t find it…
Maybe a documentation update needed? :slight_smile:

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