Feature request: Domain email signature


I think that i’t’s an nice option when it’s possible to set an email signature domain wide.

Som text and a graphic logo are pu unde sent emails. Both via usermin and SMTP.

Is this possible ?

Martin Koekenberg

For Usermin, there is already a signature feature built-in, though it is not domain-wide.

I’ve never done it system or domain-wide, so I had to do a little searching.

Wietse Venema (the author of Postfix, the default MTA in a Virtualmin system) has commented on the idea in the past, and brings up several pretty serious potential gotchas in doing so (because mail can be any of a number of formats, including some for which simply appending text to the end would be nonsensical).

But, there does appear to be a content filter designed specifically for this purpose, that might be worth giving a try:


Looks easy enough to setup, as it’s like any other content filter. One thing to note is that in the example configuration mailsigger is only used for mail coming from a specific range of IP addresses, which may not be what you want (in a virtual hosting environment, outgoing mail can be received from anywhere, as long as the user authenticates). So, the complexity of the actual mailsigger configuration might be higher in such a case. I dunno. Never used it.

I would probably be pretty easy to write a Virtualmin plug-in to edit the signature mapping file in the UI.