FCGID doesn't work after latest update

I performed an update this afternoon to the latest version of VirtualMin though the VM admin page. With this update came a php from the remi repo.

My webservers run as fcgid processes and have run fine until this update. Now the pages display the code as if the module isn’t loaded but phpinfo shows it is.

If I run the webserver as mod_php the sites run fine. Any ideas what I can do to restore fcgid ?


Packages don’t come in from the remi repo, unless that third party repo was enabled by an administrator on your system. And that can indeed cause troubles :slight_smile:

My recommendation is to disable the remi repo, and then remove any package you don’t need that came from it, and in it’s place install the packages that came with CentOS/Virtualmin.


I was using the remi repository myself as well, were you running PHP 5.3.19 and got upgraded to 5.4.10?

When that happened to me PHP stopped working as well. PHP 5.3.x has been discontinued. and since 5.4.10 didn’t work I went back to using 5.3.3 stock.

I am not sure what is wrong with the remi rpms, but I know 5.4 used to work. but 5.4.10 doesn’t seem to work when used with fcgid.

This is one of the reasons remi recommends keeping the repository disabled and doing manual updates. I am waiting for him to release a new rpm so I can test to see what is wrong or if it was fixed.

If you want to roll back to 5.3.19 you need to remove all the 5.4.x RPMS with --nodeps so everything doesn’t get screwed up, then download the 5.3.19 from his archive and install them until this is sorted out.

That’s pretty much it. The updates put on PHP 5.4.10 and a new Virtualmin because I had to recheck configuration etc.

I’ve gotten PHP to work by commenting out the admin flag option in httpd.conf and the sites now show correctly.

The only thing that still remains a problem is that when my sites are run in FCGID i.e. with the same owner as the domain owner I can’t write to the directories from a webpage (upload attachment etc) even though the permissions are correct. I’ll investigate this further and see what setting has been changed.

I found some info on the Remi forums. php.conf now uses FilesMatch + SetHandler which appears to cause the problem.

nano /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf and comment out the FilesMatch and SetHandler lines, restart httpd and things work fine with fcgid again.