FCGID and uploading Images (Possibly all files)

Well I have come back with another issue.

Im running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with Virtualmin GPL installed via install.sh

After my previous attempts to work with fcgid failed badly I have found a reason that it is needed. All my sites I host are joomla sites. They usually run fine using cgi-wrapper with the exception (So far) of virtuemart. (Should it be noted that when installing joomla with cgiwrapper i cannot install sample data neither here nor there)

Virtuemart is requiring the use of mod_php or fcgid to operate. However with fcgid enable 8 times out of 10 extensions wont install with even sillier errors than usual that have no logical errors, switch back to cgi and installs fine.

Just recently i have found that virtuemart will not upload images correctly, they appear to be corrupting somewhere in transit. wrote a script that uploads images and displays them, no joomla involved, and still get errors. yet again cgiwrapper works fine.

So it appears i have narrowed down the problem too http post uploads with fcgid.

Any one with ideas or similar problems.


In summary:
“This bug was fixed in the package libapache2-mod-fcgid - 1:2.3.4-2ubuntu0.1”

Thanks for taking the time to update other posts as well!