Fcgi + php code not being interpreted

I have a problem installing virtualmin with a fresh Debian 8.5 32bits install.

Installed virtualmin using the install script ./install.sh

After installation completes I create a virtual server but it only shows php source code, what am I doing wrong ?

Already installed it the same way on other server and everything worked fine, but now tried two times on two different servers.

Ok, 8+ does seem to be supported but I think… really…

Wait for an official reply.

hi… did you install all php extentions? I believe that is your problem… - means virtualmin works correctly within your os.

Unborn the install script? Works or not?

Do I need to install more php extensions other than the included in install script ?

The last time I set up a server with Debian I did a fresh install, used the install script and everything worked out of box.

Hi, well it depends what you want to run…(for example some cms-es require some php ‘extentions’ or modules…) in a case you are using debian you can write them in one line command like: apt-get install php5-curl php5-dev php5-gd ..all others you need and just press enter and install them really. You dont have to install all of them, just the one you need/want.

Here is list of all of them with description what they are for:

  • php5-cgi - server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (CGI binary)
  • php5-cli - command-line interpreter for the php5 scripting language
  • php5-common - Common files for packages built from the php5 source
  • php5-curl - CURL module for php5
  • php5-dbg - Debug symbols for PHP5
  • php5-dev - Files for PHP5 module development
  • php5-gd - GD module for php5
  • php5-gmp - GMP module for php5
  • php5-json - JSON module for php5
  • php5-ldap - LDAP module for php5
  • php5-mysql - MySQL module for php5
  • php5-odbc - ODBC module for php5
  • php5-pgsql - PostgreSQL module for php5
  • php5-pspell - pspell module for php5
  • php5-readline - Readline module for php5
  • php5-recode - recode module for php5
  • php5-snmp - SNMP module for php5
  • php5-sqlite - SQLite module for php5
  • php5-tidy - tidy module for php5
  • php5-xmlrpc - XML-RPC module for php5
  • php5-xsl - XSL module for php5
  • php5-adodb - Extension optimising the ADOdb database abstraction library
  • php5-apcu - APC User Cache for PHP 5
  • php5-enchant - Enchant module for php5
  • php5-exactimage - fast image manipulation library (PHP bindings)
  • php5-fpm - server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (FPM-CGI binary)
  • php5-gdcm - Grassroots DICOM PHP5 bindings
  • php5-gearman - PHP wrapper to libgearman
  • php5-geoip - GeoIP module for php5
  • php5-gnupg - wrapper around the gpgme library
  • php5-imagick - ImageMagick module for php5
  • php5-imap - IMAP module for php5
  • php5-interbase - interbase/firebird module for php5
  • php5-intl - internationalisation module for php5
  • php5-lasso - Library for Liberty Alliance and SAML protocols - PHP 5 bindings
  • php5-librdf - PHP5 language bindings for the Redland RDF library
  • php5-mapscript - * php5-cgi module for MapServer
  • php5-mcrypt - MCrypt module for php5
  • php5-memcache - memcache extension module for PHP5
  • php5-memcached - memcached extension module for PHP5, uses libmemcached
  • php5-midgard2 - Midgard2 Content Repository - PHP5 language bindings and module
  • php5-ming - Ming module for php5
  • php5-mongo - MongoDB database driver
  • php5-msgpack - PHP extension for interfacing with MessagePack
  • php5-mysqlnd - MySQL module for php5 (Native Driver)
  • php5-mysqlnd-ms - MySQL replication and load balancing module for PHP
  • php5-oauth - OAuth 1.0 consumer and provider extension
  • php5-pinba - Pinba module for PHP 5
  • php5-ps - ps module for PHP 5
  • php5-radius - PECL radius module for PHP 5
  • php5-redis - PHP extension for interfacing with Redis
  • php5-remctl - PECL module for Kerberos-authenticated command execution
  • php5-rrd - PHP bindings to rrd tool system
  • php5-sasl - Cyrus SASL Extension
  • php5-stomp - Streaming Text Oriented Messaging Protocol (STOMP) client module for PHP 5
  • php5-svn - PHP Bindings for the Subversion Revision control system
  • php5-sybase - Sybase / MS SQL Server module for php5
  • php5-tokyo-tyrant - PHP interface to Tokyo Cabinet's network interface, Tokyo Tyrant
  • php5-vtkgdcm - Grassroots DICOM VTK PHP bindings
  • php5-xcache - Fast, stable PHP opcode cacher
  • php5-xdebug - Xdebug Module for PHP 5
  • php5-xhprof - Hierarchical Profiler for PHP5

of course it works

Same issue?


The code I run was just.

<?php echo phpinfo(); ?>

No using any CMS at the moment.

I’m still very confused. Always installed virtualmin with script installer and no extra dependency was needed for php + FastCGI.

Hello, steping here Just to give you guys a feedback on my problem.

I figured out why it was happening, apparently you cannot enable mod_userdir apache module when FCGI is enabled, (yes I did not know that and i’m a noob) that what was causing the code not being interpreted, but when I try the “WEBSITE PREVIEW” everything works fine.

So now I just need to find a way to “Preview a website” without the user being authenticated using a single URL,

Does anyone have an idea how this can be implemented? I read somewhere that it could be done by configuring proxying a website (using the option Edit Proxy Website), how is that possible ?