fcgi and Virtualmin GPL : need documentation plz


I’ve read the thread “Convert PHP sites to use mod_fcgid with suEXEC”, but there are too many things, and not a lot about the config for new site template.

Can you (Joe or Jamie), explain from scratch how to deal with fcgi on GPL ?

Joe, you tell (in 2008) that you want GPL and PRO have same configs for such things.
Have you some news about that ?

I think new fcgi sites can be handle by the template (to avoid the need of manualy create the wrapper), but I can’t find reliable info in the other thread (because of too many posts).
On GPL’s we do not have the “Default PHP execution mode”.




What you’re asking about is in the GPL version now, as of the latest release. In Server Configuration -> Website Options, you should have the option to select what PHP execution mode is in effect for that Virtual Server.


Hi andreychek,

Thx for reply, but I can’t find it.
I run Virtualmin GPL 3.76 (the last one I gess).

Don’t see anything in :

  • System Setting > Server Templates > Default Settings > Apache website
    There is only “Automatically add appropriate SuExec directive”, but nothing about php in apache_mod / cgi / fcgi.

Nor in :

  • Edit Virtual Server > Services > Configure Website

Do you have a screenshot ? Or the full path to find it ?
The internal search find some fcgi words in the “Virtualmin Virtual Servers (GPL) Module” help texts, but can’t find anything in /config.cgi?virtual-server

The latest version is 3.77, which should be out there for Debian and CentOS. I believe there were some delays in packaging the Ubuntu version, though that should be out shortly.


Ok here is the solution.

I’ve 3.76 on Debian Lenny (full update/upgrade don’t update virtualmin at this time).

I’ll wait for 3.77 to be available.


EDIT : find the changelog on webmin’s site ( http://www.webmin.com/vchanges.html ).
3.77 is out since 3rd February 2010, but nothing about php mode.

Last question :

According to http://www.virtualmin.com/node/13739 , the current implementation is using the old buggy FastCGI wrapper.
The best solution seems to be mod_fcgi, the new apache mode for fast, secure, reliable cgi handling (see : http://httpd.apache.org/mod_fcgid/mod/mod_fcgid.html ).

What is the solution provided by virtualmin 3.77 ? The changelog don’t tell anything about that.


Sorry, I was off by a revision.

Looking in the bug tracker, it looks like this is scheduled for 3.78, which is the next release:


Any news about 3.78 release ?

Sorry, nothing specific, though it should be out within a few weeks :slight_smile: