fcgi and virtual-server backup conflict?

hello all -

are there any known conflicts using fcgi and virtual-server backup ?

whenever i do, it seems my server seems to “locks up” for awhile, usually 20 minutes or so. i believe the conflict is trying to use the ‘tar’ command since i can manually cause the issue to happen as well.

i am using uptimeRobot.com, gotSiteMonitor.com and pingdom.com to monitor my site.


Nope, there shouldn’t be any problems in performing a Virtualmin backup while using the FCGID execution mode.

In fact, FCGID is the default, so that’s what most folks are using.

However, backups can be resource intensive… so it’s possible that you’re seeing a load increase during that time.

Do you have a dedicated server, or a VPS?

Also, are you using the default of “gzip” compression, or did you perhaps change the over to “bzip”?

Using bzip for the compression type would decrease the amount of space used, but significantly increases the resources needed to make the backups.