Fatal Error 0 on Installing Virtualmin on Ubuntu 12.10

Hello there,

We’ve recently got a new install of a server on Ubuntu 12.04 and updated it to 12.10 (due to a HDD failure) and are trying to reinstall Virtualmin. We’re currently hitting a fatal error. While I believe it has something to do with repositories, I’m not too sure as I’m a bit of a novice at linux (which is why its here). I’ve attached all of the output in a txt document.

Is this a problem at our end? Is there anything we can do to fix it? Is virtualmin compatible with 12.10? If not, how long will it be as we would like to avoid the substantial reinstall charges. Is there any work around to avoid this?

Thanks for any help.

While Virtualmin should work on most Linux systems, it’s highly recommended to only install it on Grade-A supported systems, which includes the LTS versions of Ubuntu.

If at all possible, you should stay with Ubuntu 12.04, which is the LTS version with 5 years of update support. It is discouraged to use bleeding edge versions of Ubuntu for a production server.