False monitoring alerts


Wondering if anyone knows if there is a setting to better manage monitoring of WWW sites both via port 80 and 443? The problem is that we have a few clients complaining that they are constantly receiving “Sites Down” for both www and ssl but when they/we check, the site is up. We checked our network and ran some test and have not seen anything go down during these alerts.

Any help would be appreciated.


I found it, never mind. It was in Webmin under “System and Server Status”. I am having it check port 80 and 443 every 120 seconds rather than 60 though I think 60 was pretty high to begin with. Still open to suggestions.

Looks like this is an issue but don’t know what it is. This morning, I received an alert that every domain was down at 7:40AM but they weren’t. I currently have the checks set to 120 seconds which is plenty of time to wait for a response before sending an alert.

Would anyone know and what should I check that keeps triggering these alerts as false?