Failed virtualmin backups, without sending me an email or even logging it

Hello !

I just noticed a problem, virtualmin didn’t log it failed to proceed to backups, and it didn’t send me an email about ie either.

The context :

  • virtualmin has been configured (/virtual-server/list_sched.cgi ) to do 3 scheduled backups per week of my websites, since this summer.

  • sometimes the location to which virtualmin must FTP-upload the backups is full (disk quota), and then I am sent an email message by virtualmin, to say the operation has failed with the error that there is no free space left anymore. When that happens, I make some room (deleting old backups) and wait for the next backup of virtualmin.
    That’s a passive attitude, I have always waited for virtualmin’s failure email to make some room.

  • Come October. I forget I received the “Failed backup of Virtualmin on” server on October 1st… and only remember the issue today, October 14th.
    Every of the backups virtualmin might have attempted, 3 times a week, were bound to fail, as there is no free space on the backup target location.

  • I double checked my inbox : nothing sent by virtualmin since October 1st. I check the scheduled backup logs (backuplog.cgi) : nothing in the last 7 days.

  • And yet, I checked again, at very busy times, when virtualmin failed to do backups during a whole week because I couldn’t find time to go and free room in the target backup location all that time, I would still receive my email failure messages with every new failed attempt. Even several failed backup attempts in a row.

That has made me slightly worried, could something be broken here ?
No notification, not even failure logs ??

I’m curious to read thoughts on this, thanks a lot if you have some light you could shed on this situation :slight_smile: