Failed to start BIND


my BIND failed to start.

I got this message:

Failed to start service : Failed to start BIND : Starting named: Error in named configuration: /etc/named.conf:46: open: /etc/named.root.key: file not found [FAILED]

How to fix this, please help.



Hmm, well, there should be a file in /etc/named.root.key.

If that’s not there – is it possible that someone deleted it?

However, you’ll need to get that back somehow… do you have it available on a backup?

You could always try commenting out line 46 in /etc/named.conf, but I don’t know if that will actually work or not… you may need to also look at the top of your named.conf, and disable DNSSEC in order for that to work.



nobody did not delete any file from server, we installed VM on server (free version) for chek and test and want to buy it.

So no backup on server, can i create that file or something what missing manualy.

Can u help me please?!