Failed to renew webmin

OS type and version UBUNTU 20
Webmin version 1.973
Virtualmin version 6.16

I have many failure case of Let’s Encrypt automatic SSL renew.
When I access the web interface and do the manual renew it works without any problem.

The thing is my webmin is stopped automatically by crontab every 4 hours. By running the command: service webmin stop.

My question is the renewal of let’s encrypt need the Webmin service to be running?
If yes, is there any way to disable the Virtualmin web interface access so I can disable it with cron except when I want to open it manually?

Thank you for any suggestion.

If you block port 10000 in your firewall then web access to Virtualmin and Webmin can be prevented without you needing to stop the service from running 24x7 on your server.

Same applies for Usermin and port 20000

Thank you for your suggestion.

So you mean that SSL renewal required webmin service to be run.

Thank you

The easiest and cleanest way to fix repos is to grab Virtualmin 7 pre-release install script and use it to setup repos and exit, i.e.:

wget -O
sh --setup
apt-get upgrade -y
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