Failed to re-start service : initctl: Unknown job: spamassassin

Virtlialmin is giving the following error on attempt to restart Spamassassin:

Failed to re-start service : initctl: Unknown job: spamassassin

I then successfully stop it in SSH with ‘service spamassassin stop’, Refresh system information on Virtualmin to see that “SpamAssassin Filter Server” is stopeed. But then if I try to start it in Virtualmin, it gives:

Failed to start service : The SpamAssassin filter server could not be started

So I have to start it again in SSH and refresh system information to see normal status.

var/log/messages gives no relevant messages.

What version of Webmin are you using?

The 1.610 release that just came out a few days ago resolved some issues similar to that.


My system for some reason didn’t update to 1.610. System information shows:

Operating system CentOS Linux 6.3 Webmin version 1.600 Virtualmin version 3.97.gpl GPL Theme version 8.5 Kernel and CPU Linux 2.6.32-279.14.1.el6.i686 on i686

Package information shows:

Updatable package information Package name webmin Update system YUM Package description A web-based administration interface for Unix systems. Current state Running latest 1.600-1 Installed version 1.600-1 Available version 1.600-1 Installation source installed

How can I upgrade to 1.610?

I’ve asked Jamie to look into an issue with the repositoru… but you can download it manually from here in the meantime:

Actually, Jamie said he fixed it… try running ‘yum update’, and see if the new Webmin gets pulled down.


Thanks, but I don’t want to mess up something and prefer to wait until able to upgrade in usual way through yum or Virtualmin’s UI.

Cool! This upgrade indeed resolved my issue. Thanks!