Failed to create virtual server : Missing or invalid domain name

Hello all,
I install virtualmin on CentOS 4.2 and have no problem with it. However, when I create a virtual server, I have problem. First I did not change anything at the default form. I only enter as my new site and hit CREATE SERVER button. it point ot page:
http://{myIP}:10000/virtual-server/domain_setup.cgi and shows "The page cannot be displayed". I hit refresh and receive the message:
"Failed to create virtual server : Missing or invalid domain name"

Did I miss anything?

Thank you

Hey Tommy,

I’m not sure what to make of that. There’s something going wrong on your box, but I’m not sure what. “The page cannot be displayed” is just a connection failure of some sort…

When you refreshed it didn’t send the form data, so that one failed and it would be expected to. The only problem here is that the first attempt to submit the data failed. The refresh error is irrelevant. Just need to figure out why it failed the first time. What happens when you try it again? Does this happen on any other Webmin pages? I want to blame network connectivity troubles.