Failed to create virtual server : Failed to regene

Hi I have been attempting to use virtualmin gpl version for some time. On my development box it works fine.

On the production server it works OK but no mail.

On a new install I get the fallowing error:

Failed to create virtual server : Failed to regenerate table /etc/postfix/virtual:

Mail no longer works on this server worked prior to installation of Virtualmin.

The problems are likely related but the production server creates domains but will not send or receive mail.

Debian etch on all systems.

Servers are hosted at redwood virtual.

I did submit a bug on the topic of tab regeneration

Are you sure you’ve configured Postfix correctly?

The virtual maps file has to be "hash:/etc/postfix/virtual" and not "/etc/postfix/virtual". Postfix will refuse to generate a file with no map type (hash is the map type here).


here is the line.

hash:/etc/postfix/virtual, nis:virtual

Cut from the postfix site. works on my home workstation (now production mail server)