Failed to create virtual server : DBI connect fail

Anyone know why this happens?


Hmm, normally I’d suggest looking in /etc/webmin/mysql/config to make sure the MySQL root password is correct.

But from the message above, it seems to be missing a username that it’s connecting with.

So, I might still verify that Virtualmin is using the correct MySQL root password, but did you copy and paste that error? It really said this:

Access denied for user ‘’@‘localhost’

Rather than this:

Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’

Just making sure! Thanks,

Are you sure that MySQL is started? When you log into Virtualmin, make sure you’re on the System Information screen, and look in the “Status” section – you can start/restart MySQL from there.

Also, in Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL Database Server -> Module Config, make sure the root MySQL password is correctly set.

see "wonky forum" post to see why, but anyway there are two threads on the same topic here.

For my part all I had to do was go to the webmin mysql module and login as root. then the password was saved and my root create functions worked fine.