Failed to create virtual server : Cannot write to directory

That’s the exact message I get when I try to set up a virtual server. This is a default installation, I can’t figure out what’s going wrong.

You’ve got to give more information than that, for someone to even consider helping you.

What’s your operating system & its version?
Are you using Virtualmin GPL or Virtualmin Pro?
Have you just installed the OS and VM on top of it, or did you install VM on an existing system?
Did you experience any error message during VM installation?
Did you reboot the server after that and see any error message at bootup?
When you do RECHECK CONFIG (assuming you are using VMpro), do you see any error?

Without all these information, one can only assume that the error probably relates to permission.

CentOS 4.
Virtualmin GPL.
Practically a fresh installation.
Yes, but these were unrelated and promptly fixed.
Yes, no errors. The module runs fine, it just throws that error message when creating a virtual server.

Sorry for the lack of initial information. When it comes to troubleshooting and the obvious fails (I tried chmodding the relevent directories to appropriate values), I’m sort of lost thereafter.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the exact log:

Creating home directory …
… done
Creating administration group test …
… done

Creating administration user test …
… done

Failed to create virtual server : Cannot write to directory

Me also…same problem. I cant create domain…pls. help me.

I don’t actually have a good answer. Webmin and Virtualmin do their work as root, and so shouldn’t have many opportunities to be tripped up by permissions.

SELinux can get in the way, so you might try disabling it, if it is enabled. Particularly the strict policy is too strict for virtual hosting (targeted only needs a few tweaks, though).

Anyway, try this:

setenforce 0

And try creating a domain again. Let us know what happens.

Hey Ricky,

At which step during the creation are you getting this error? (It’ll say “Creating home directory…”, “Creating group domainname…”, etc.)