Failed to create virtual server : A ProFTPd virtual server with the same IP address already exists

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I’ve added two new virtual servers via Virtualmin. On the first virtual server example “” it has successfully created but on the 2nd virtual server example “” it prompt me an error saying that “Failed to create virtual server : A ProFTPd virtual server with the same IP address already exists”. Just for curiosity I’ve followed the instruction on this link “” by disabling the “IP-based virtual FTP” under the enabled features of this 2nd virtual server. By following the instruction the 2nd virtual server was successfully created but when you go to Filezilla using the ftp hostname for 2nd virtual domain it will prompt you “Could not connect to server” but when you are using the ip address for the ftp host it will connect you to the home user directory. In both home directory of each virtual server i have created phpinfo.php for testing. Luckily when I test it in the browser the two domains, it works on the first domain (first virtual server - but server not found on 2nd domain (2nd virtual server -

What are the main reasons and how to fix this virtual hosting that are running on my server.’

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I would recommend disabling “IP-based virtual FTP” for new domains, that option is rarely needed.

ftp hostname for 2nd virtual domain it will prompt you “Could not connect to server”

Hmm, that sounds like your core problem here… accessing your second domain via FTP and Web give errors that suggest there’s a DNS issue of some kind.

Are you using your own server as a nameserver? Or does your domain use a third party nameserver?

One thing you may want to try is going to, and enter your domain name there to get a DNS report – it will point out any DNS issues that it sees.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for your immediate respond… Actually, when I have this dedicated server I started to installed all applications one by one until I have found out a very interesting software that very useful, easy to use and user friendly these are Webmin and Virtualmin softwares. Before I’ve found Virtualmin I am installing first Webmin then followed the Virtualmin through Webmin Module instead of using the There are only few errors but then I resolved them through the help of this forum. There is only one error that it took me 5 days before I resolved it, this is the BIND DNS domain that I can’t able to activate until I saw the solution early today from this forum by adding DNS server in the Networking>Network Configuration>Hostname and DNS Client.

Before I am using the cloud DNS that provided by our hosting company these are the ff: [] [] [] [] []

but instead of using these nameservers I decided to create our own private name servers with their corresponding IPs at the place that we’ve registered our domain from Godaddy, and use it as our DNS… See for example: [] [] [] [] []

I am using these private name servers pointed to our two domains ( and, but it only works on

What do you think the best solution on this issue? Can I use my private name servers or use only the DNS that provided by the hosting company.

Follow up question:

I am installing wordpress but it prompt me “Response: 550 wp-config.php: Permission denied Error: Critical file transfer error”… On my webserver “httpd” the user and group are the ff:

User apache
Group apache

Need your input please…

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It’s no problem to use your own DNS server, or a third party DNS server.

It sounds like, which ever DNS server is being used by your domain, that the DNS records aren’t in there yet (or if they are, they may not be setup correctly).

You may want to double-check what nameservers your domain is configured to use… and then go to that nameserver, and verify that the DNS records are in there, and pointing to the correct IP address.

As far as your followup question – trying to answer that here might cause things to get confusing, I’d suggest starting a new thread for that while we look into your DNS issue here :slight_smile: