Failed to create virtual server : A MySQL database

I am trying to configure a virtual host for but I get an error "Failed to create virtual server : A MySQL database called example_org or user called already exists. I think it has something to do with the fact that I already have a virtual host for up and running but I don’t know hot to resole this.

Any resolution to this?

I have two domains:

When creating the virtual servers I manually change the administration username and the mysql database name so neither is the same as the other.

I still get the error:

Failed to create virtual server : A MySQL database etc…

Please help!

UPDATE: turns out mysql usernames have a limited length and these domain names were very longth and the username derived from them were being concatenated. I manually shortened the user/database names<br><br>Post edited by: jmunjr, at: 2008/05/15 14:12

I was talking to Jamie about this, and he seemed pretty certain that it had been fixed in 3.56…but maybe it isn’t in until 3.57.

I’m rolling those into the repository over the next hour or so (and GPL version 3.57 has been available for a couple of days at Give it a try in the new version, and if the problem persists report back here…and I’ll let Jamie know the problem persists.