Failed to create new PTY

Anyone have a clue how to resolve this error message:

Failed to install module : Failed to create new PTY

I’m trying to install the suggested Perl modules in webmin but keep getting this error. Been awhile since I did a clean install so I probably skipped some step somewhere. Fresh FreeBSD 6.3 install with webmin first thing installed after the port update. I’ve googled and hit a blank.



I dunno. You might want to file a bug about it. It’s possibly something that needs attention in Webmin. You will need to be more specific about what Perl module(s) you’re trying to install, however, as without that information Jamie definitely won’t be able to reproduce the problem.

Must have been in a hurry and forgot to mention the specific modules. When you do a clean FreeBSD install and put webmin in, the Perl module shows a handful of modules to install. They don’t install.

Easy to replicate: FreeBSD6.3 install, install webmin, goto perl module, select suggested perl modules, select install selected modules. The selected modules do not install. Off the top of my head I don’t remember what they are, and that box and software has been shoved to the back of the workpile again. I’m having great difficulty migrating users from FreeBSD 4.9& webmin to FreeBSD 6.3& webmin. Cannot get postfix&dovecot to work.

Hey Steve,

As I said, I’d recommend filing a bug in the bug tracker. We could talk about it here in the forum…but it seems like getting it fixed would be even better. :wink:

(I’m not just being ornery…if it’s not in the ticket tracker, tasks get forgotten really fast–Jamie and I get hundreds of emails per day, and the forum doesn’t provide any way for us to come back to things that aren’t resolved yet and ignore things that are fixed–so, if we can’t solve the problem with an answer or ask a question to get more data and move on, forum posts end up forgotten. And, of course, Jamie doesn’t follow the forums on a daily basis, and he’s the one that would be working on this problem.)


No problem… I’ve not been shy about filing bug reports. Just trying to see if a little community help may give me a fix before eating more of Jamie’s time.