Failed to change IP Address but no error


I am running Virtualmin behind a NAT device. I set the wrong address for default IP address so when a virtual server was created, the Apache virtualhost had the public IP listed instead of the internal. As such, Apache wouldn’t start because it couldn’t bind to the IP address.

I fixed the IP in Virtualmin Configuration > Networking settings. Upon saving and returning to the overview, I was greeted with the “Your system’s primary IP address appears to have changed from {PUBLIC_IP} to {INTERNAL_IP}. Virtual servers using the old address may be unreachable or serve the wrong web content.” I clicked the button to update the IP addresses. Leaving all the default options for the form, I clicked “Change Now”. Next screen I see is an error: "Failed to change IP addresses : " That is it, no reason why.

I went into the virtual host files (I only had two virtual hosts as I was setting up the server) and changed the IPs by hand for now. But I cannot get rid of the message at the top of Virtualmin. New virtual servers are just fine since changing the setting in Networking settings.

Any ideas o’ mighty forum people? :slight_smile:

Can anyone help? Is there anywhere Virtualmin would have logged more information about what it was trying to do that I can check or something?


I’m having the same problem. Except mine was I changed VPS’s. i built the server on one account to replace my old one. When I moved the sites I get this.

This was my solution:

Fixed, thank to a friend.

We found “old_defip=” in /etc/webmin/virtual-server/config file. The value was set to my public IP, his was set to his current so I set the value in mine to my current public address, saved restarted webmin service and alert gone! Yay!

(After reading this again I now realize it doesn’t make sense…)
So, I set old_defip to my internal IP (which I guess is the new default IP that virtualmin knows) and the warning disappeared