Failed Home directory creation

When a new virtualserver is created I see that by default Vitualmin store the first domain in:


And then additional subserver are stored in /home/$USER/domains/$DOM/

I would like to configure home directories for ALL the domain (for the first domain too) like that:


so in this way all domains will be inside users “domains” directory

To archive that I set up in Virtualmin Configuration => Defaults for new domains => Home subdirectory


Home directory base => From Users and Groups module (is /home)

But with this configuration when a new Virtualserver is created the home directory is not (without error). What I’m not doing right?


Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to do that. The first domain is always stored in /home/$USER.

However, one way around that would be to make the first domain a dummy domain of some sort, perhaps one that will never be used.

Then, all additional domains would go into the “/home/$USER/domains/$DOM/” directory.


Thank you Eric.

I was doing exactly the same thing to go around the problem. :slight_smile:

With this method if I want to merge two virtualserver with the same dummy domain as toplevel from two server (with different subservers in them of course), I’m going to fell in some problem?