Failed backup of Virtualmin on

I created a scheduled backup job yesterday, but now I got an e-mail that the backup creation failed.

I got this message:
Cannot backup a single domain to /home/myuser/domains/backups, as it is a directory

So backups is a directory I selected to store the backups in. Do I need to create a backup file or something? I thought I needed to select a directory?



What is the “Backup format” option set to in the backup’s “Destination and Format” section?


Hi, thanks for your good support as always.

The format is ‘single archive file’, since I wanted to backup all servers into a single archive file.

I also have these to options checked, I think that was default and I left it that way:

  • Do strftime-style time substitutions on file or directory name
  • Transfer each virtual server after it is backed up

What does the transfer mean, and do I need to check this?


Any ideas on this?

i would like to use this feature, but it is not working and I don`t see why…


I think that error is suggesting that when using the Single Archive File backup format, you may need to specify an actual filename to backup to in “Backup destinations”, rather than just a directory.


Ok, I now changed it to “One file per server”. I still selected a directory rather then a filename, correct? Since I want to keep 10 backups stored I assume Virtualmin will automatically name them?


With “One file per server”, you would set the backup destination to a directory – the filenames would be the domain names that are being backed up.