Fail2Ban to Webmin

HI, it would be great if I could control F2b over Webmin… a suggestion this is :slight_smile:

What do you mean, there is already a webmin fail2ban?

Hi Whoops, thank you!

oh? Is this the Jailkit Jail Manager? But there I cannot check for IPs and unblick them in case, as I can do with the csf interface?


There is.
Webmin → Networking → fail2ban → Jails status.

Here you can simply click an IP to remove it from said jail.

ahh… didn’t see that so far, thanks!!!

but In F2B I see no Jail status?


No, Jailkit is for Jailkit, which is an entirely different thing for different purposes (jailed shells).

You’ll only have status if Fail2ban is configured and running, and if you are up to date (status is a very new feature).


Hi Joe, it is configured and running… but my admin installed it by CLI I assume… anyway to add it to WM? Thx Dan

I don’t understand what you mean. Fail2ban is installed automatically as part of Virtualmin in any reasonably recent installation. And, if you are up to date, and fail2ban is running and working, status will appear. “Add it to Webmin” isn’t a thing. The Webmin fail2ban module is in the Webmin package and has been for years.

Hi Joe, thank you… sorry if I am unclear…

MY admin installed F2B after the fact of installing Webmin… and as my screenshot above indicated for WM it is not running… so there seems to be something wrong…

waiting for my admin to clarify, thank you!


Wait, you’re not running Virtualmin? Ah, OK, then who knows how it’s setup…how was fail2ban installed? From a package, I hope?

Just make sure you update Webmin to the latest version.

Then try “Refresh Modules” from the left bottom side.

ah great vending, thank you!! That did the trick!

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