Fail2Ban Cloudflare Action - Deprecated Firewall Rules

Hi all,

Not strictly Virtualmin related, but I wanted to share that per Cloudflare, it looks like the default Cloudflare action included with Fail2Ban will soon cease working as it uses a deprecated API process that Cloudflare will be eliminating on July 1st, 2024.

I’ve posted this as an issue/enhancement request @ the Fail2Ban Git, but if anyone here wants to tackle updating the Cloudflare action to make it compatible with their WAF Custom Rules, I know I and many others would be very appreciative. :smile:

I run a small VPS with HTTP/HTTPS only all behind the Cloudflare proxy and using Fail2Ban on a firewall level is useless as I’ve already excluded all non-Cloudflare IPs (save my own) from being able to access any ports on the server. Being able to ban in an automated way @ their WAF level is my only real option. I’ve installed CrowdSec but their Cloudflare integration doesn’t seem to be able to do this reliably. I’ve reached out there to see if there’s anything I’m missing as I find the docs thorough in some places and inadequate in others.

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