Facing WordPress Restore Issue

I have lost Apache Webserver and MySQL Database Server. They won’t start. Don’t know what could have happened. I tried different ideas but had no luck so I moved my websites to a new hard drive.

I managed to move my 17 other websites to a new hard drive, but what is the best way to move the WordPress folder? I originally installed WordPress using Virtualmin script.

Local server.
Ubuntu 20.04.4
Webmin 1.991

Hi Alex,

You need the contents of the root folder it’s installed in and a backup of the MySQL database. The user & database name can be reset\new & just updated on the config file.

Assuming you have both:

  1. Create the new DB and user.
  2. Restore the DB backup
  3. Restore the folder (changing the DB name & credentials in the config file)

and you should be more or less there.

If you don’t have both the folder contents and the database backup - I don’t think you’ll be successful.


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