External MySQL Server change User Host setting to ip instead of domain


on my Virtualmin/Webmin installtion i set up a external mysql server.
When i now create a new Virtal Server Virtualmin creates a new user on the mysql server
this works fine but can i change the seting that the user is createt with ip in the host field not the
domain name

so instead of

CREATE USER ‘test123’@‘test.tld’


CREATE USER ‘test123’@‘’

test.tld is the Webserver with the Virtualmin instalation.



You may be able to achieve what you’re after by going into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> MySQL Database – and in there, you can set “Allowed MySQL client hosts”.

That will make it so that any new users added will be allowed to connect from the IP address you specify.

Would that do what you want?



thanks, yes this did the trick and also there is no more localhost user createt as well.

thanks a lot :slight_smile: