Extent of Virtualmin License?

Several questions:

I have two servers … one for web/mail/dns1, and the other for dns2. I’d like to ultimately set up a backup mail system on the second server along with some backup virtual domains in case the first machine croaked. Does Virtualmin Pro offer advantages over the public version on a second machine like that?

If I do install Virtualmin Pro on the second machine, do I violate my license terms?

Hey Mark,

An identical server (a hot backup) does not require an additional license…a server with different content does. So, your use case is probably covered. The key thing to think about (in all licensing questions) is "does it serve different content?"

I’m pretty sure a backup hold and forward mail server can also be built with Virtualmin GPL (if not now, in the near future), and we’ll soon be releasing the same installer we provide for Virtualmin Professional for GPL use (it’s gotta get more reliable or we’ll be overwhelmed with support queries from GPL users–Jamie didn’t write it, I did, and it’s kinda crappy in spots).

Also worth noting, your backup MX and DNS server can serve any number of primary Virtualmin servers. So, for one or one hundred "real" servers, you can back them all up to the same "secondary DNS and backup MX" server running Virtualmin GPL or Professional.

Hey Joe,

(I feel a bit strange copying your salutation, but I can see where it would help you locate information within the boards.)

Thank you for the prompt response. I always try to respect the wishes of the authors. It becomes even more of a priority for me when I can see all the work you two are doing with these products. Given your response, I’ll most likely put Virtualmin Pro on server 2. Should either of you ever desire otherwise, I will remove it.

I like both versions of Webmin/Virtualmin. The GPL version makes me dig in and learn a bit more, and the Pro version gets me going when I realize I don’t know as much as I need to. I would almost hate to see the GPL version become too easy. But you know your audience a lot more than I do. :slight_smile:

Hey Joe and All,

I done did it! I bought a second license. I just moved two of my sites to the second server this evening to split up the workload a bit. I don’t really have that big of a load, but it makes sense to split things up. I’m keeping 1 site on the first server. Because of what we discussed within this thread, I had installed Virtualmin Pro on both servers. Also because of this thread, I decided that different content warranted different licenses.

Is it alright if I run the same serial number on two servers??? I suppose I may have to eventually wipe everything off and restore it to the new serial number on the second server, espeically when my license begins to run out. But if you look in my records, you will definitely see two licenses.

I just hope your system did not attempt to send me any mail. :slight_smile: The DNS servers most likely have to pick up my new IP.

I’m getting along pretty well with your product now. Thanks.

  • Mark

Howdy Mark,


The license manager won’t complain until the new license manager goes online, so you can leave it be until we add an “Edit License” form to Virtualmin in the next couple of weeks. At that point, you’ll be able to easily edit the license details on Virtualmin servers.

Hey Joe …

I added memory and reinstalled upon my second machine. While I was at it, I installed my second license upon that machine instead of leaving the original license.

It worked alright yesterday, but today after signing on, I see this big pink message at the top of my screen saying:

"A problem was detected with your Virtualmin licence :
Failed to contact licence server : Failed to lookup IP address for software.virtualmin.com."

Is this my problem or yours?

  • Mark