Exporting virtual hosts to another server

Is there a way for virtualmin to export all of the existing domain websites data from a server onto another one?


  • Joe

Hey Joe,

Yes, you can run a backup of all domains, copy the resulting backup files over (or make them accessible via NFS or CIFS) and then restore on the new server. It’s not quite automagic, but it’s not too terribly difficult, and it should Just Work.

Note that the backups expect the other server to be roughly similar in configuration. So, if you’ve got different mail servers (Postfix vs. Sendmail) on the two servers, you’ll have to adjust some stuff by hand.

I know at least a couple of folks here are performing a nightly backup and rsync to a hot spare server using the server backup functionality (server backups can be performed from the command line, in addition to via cronjob or the GUI, so it is scriptable).