Export / import configuration between server

is there a way to export “global” virtualmin settings in order to move to a different server?
I mean: PHP settings, mail settings, plans, plugin’s configuration, and so on?

Thank you

Sorry, I just noticed “Backup virtual server” >> Features to backup
If I export such values, will I able to re-use them on new server (with a different IP address)?

yeah its simple. If the ip of the server is different you can update this globally.

Hi unborn, do you mean manually in every possible configuration file (Apache, Postfix etc…) or is there a way to do this through Virtualmin web interface?
Thank you

Hi, yes it should work for you in every mean… - you know you would not loose old configuration on your old server - just keep it preserved - meaning do update from machine 1 to physical update to machine 2 and once satisfied - just remove the machine 1…

@fkville :slight_smile: There is a documentation about Migrating To a New Server at https://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/system/migrate

Which includes export / import configuration between server.

Here are two additional options below. About export & import configuration between servers using backup & restoration.

Option 1. Global Settings:

  1. Backing Up Global Settings
  2. Restoring Global Settings

Option 2. Virtual Servers:

  1. Using Backups to Transfer Virtual Servers


  • Assumes the option 1 is about Virtualmin settings that apply to the whole system only. Such as templates and custom fields without the domain name.
  • Assumes the option 2 is about easily transfer domains between servers.
  • Assumes more options to export and import in this Backups and Restoration documentation

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