Export domain/users

Due to some stupid corporate policy a client of mine needs to move his domains from me and on to their own servers (running cPanel).
I said I would help with this but I have one small issue.
The few websites is not a problem to move, but the users are, let’s say less technically inclined so I was hoping to do this without changing their email passwords.
When I first moved these domains TO my Virtualmin server it was just a matter of importing the cPanel backup. Is there a similar way to export the users from Vmin? I don’t even care about email, websites or anything, basically just the users passwords exported.


That’d be a question for the cPanel folks, I think. The reason you could import cPanel backups into Virtualmin is because we implemented it. To go the other way, you’d need someone to implement it.

That said, for just passwords, if they use regular Linux users with the usual SHA512 or whatever hashes, you can just copy the passwords over (the hash you find in /etc/shadow). I don’t know though, it’s been a long time since I looked at how cPanel does anything. Virtualmin uses standard Linux users for everything…the passwords use standard hashes.

Hm, ok.
I thought about just copying the passwords, so maybe I will create the users and have a look.

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