Expired Domain to the Host

Guys, if the host domain expires and it gets removed from Godaddy, does the server stops from being found? or can I login with the IP address? Thanks

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You can still go to the host ip and log in, but nobody will be able to find any websites on that domain because the domain literally no longer exists. Only those that know the exact IP of the host server would ever find it.

What’s more, on a Virtualmin setup, it would have to be the default domain in order to see the website at all.

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Correction: the expired domain will not resolve and must be accessed by its IP address, however if there are other domains hosted that are NOT expired, they should work assuming they have a path via DNS.

*** I believe this is what @Gomez_Adams intended ***

Thanks… I don’t have a website on the domain.

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use the ip number or create a domain name in your HOST file to point to the IP. SSL will fail after a while.

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