expected packages in virtualmin repo not there

there has been a new version of usermin (1.620) for weeks now, but it has not appeared in the centos 5 or 6 virtualmin repo.

also, with the update to centos 6.6, i would expect a new httpd to appear in the virtualmin repo to match the underlying httpd from centos (with the suexec tweaks and any other virtualmin tweaks applied). but nothing has shown up for that yet, either.

is there an official place to look to see any kind of logs or comments about what is/isn’t going into the repos?

this is all for the free version of virtualmin, so maybe it is just an issue of time allocation?


Joe had mentioned to me that he was working on an updated Apache package for CentOS, I’ll talk to him to see the status of that.

It looks like Usermin isn’t in any of the CentOS repos either, so while I’m asking him about Apache, I’ll make sure he pushes out the new Usermin as well… thanks for the heads up!