Execute Cron Job - No Output Generated

Hi guys,
I am having problems with WHMCS communicating with Virtualmin.

A little background that may be relevant…

WHMCS is on a sub domain on the same virtualmin server it is autoprovisioning services.
Port 2304 is open in virtualmin
I am using custom port in virtualmin and have also set this port in whmcs>setup>products and services>servers>server module for hostname and ip address

I have setup the following cron job…
/usr/bin/php -q /home/user/domains/host.domain.com/public_html/crons/cron.php

In webmin>scheduled cron jobs, I have added it to run as root user : active = yes

When to Execute
Minutes = Selected = 5
Hours = All
“Run on Any Date” is enabled

When i run the cron i get the following


Ah hang on i see the problem…

  1. a tiny gramatical mistake and
  2. i did not realise that i had to select multiples of 5 minutes under the hour tab

i thought it was just a select the number 5 and it would then run every 5 minutes. In actual fact what one has to do is hold down ctl key and select 5,10,15,20,25,30… etc (which is not the way i expected it would work!)

The crons are running in virtualmin now…however, it is not actually provisioning anything yet.

Nope this still isn’t working.
WHMCS crons are not working in Webmin. I have done the following…

  1. Turned off fail2ban
  2. turned off firewalld
  3. Added hostname to the trusted referrers in Webmin>WEbmin confuration>Trusted Referrers (ie hostname.fqdn)

I cannot understand why adding a hostname, for the local system that both are installed on, to this even makes any difference…if the hostname wasn’t already trusted, how could webmin/virtualmin even work?

I swear this has me completely stumped…I cannot understand how a program that is installed using virtualmins own script installer doesn’t work without a lot of stuffing around? The whmcs script should just install and bloody work…but it clearly does not!

I have had the exact same kind of issue with the Blesta Module as well…so its 2 completely different provisioning modules now that don’t work properly because of something wrong in virtualmin!

If I go to VestaCP, and set this up, it works perfectly first go without any mucking around at all…I don’t have to do a single thing. And yet this system requires one to problem solve like its a parliamentary debate?

Does anyone have a straight forward step by step method for manually installing whmcs and configuring everything in it to work with webmin? (that is what should be in the damn documentation instead of all these blanks that almost everyone encounters time and time again and end up with users screaming and instead going to cPanel because these sorts of things in cPanel just work)

WHMCS technicians are saying its a problem with Webmin…it is stopping access but they do not know why!

In all honesty, people google searching this (and in my searching I come across this error repeatedly with this program in google searches with various modules aside from whmcs), potential users are going to be turned away from Virtualmin…its untenable! This is infuriating because of a complete lack of decent documentation in virtualmin. There are far too few working examples of “how to’s” for the various capabilities within this system…and with a lack of input from developers on forums to make up for the shortfall…an ever increasing number of users are following the advice found on other forums about these exact problems relating to “no help”, dumping Virtualmin and going elsewhere to platforms such as vestacp, Ispconfig, CPanel, Plesk…platforms where gaps are filled and one can spend more time earning money and less time loosing it time wasting on problems that simply should not exist!