Excluded Directories in scheduled backup?

When doing a manual backup for a specific domain there is the option of "Excluded Directories"…

I have a scheduled backup for all virtual servers. Is there a way to have Excluded Directories for each/specific domains using this method?

I want to automatically backup and exclude some directories. HOw can I do this.

I am using the GPL version/


what seems to be working for me is - choose the server/domain in the dropdown menu on the top of virtualmin.
then go - Backup and Restore - click Excluded Directories - fill in the name of the directory to exclude in the right pane.

since I was a bit uncertain how and what to write, I did it like so to exclude the srcds directory:


Thanks for the input.

Hmmm well I can’t get the exclude to work at all even manually?

If my domain is blahblah.com:
path is /home/blahblah/public_html

I tried excluding:

Nothing worked

Also keep in mind there is no exclusion section for scheduled backups - this is what I want. directory exclusions aren’t much help if they don’t work in an automated fashion…

for another domain i needed to exclude some video content in a joomla installation as they were to big to back up daily.
Because I didn’t know how to write it exactly I just put the following in. Obviously I don’t need all the lines, but haven’t had the time yet to find out which line does the trick.


the videos content is successfully excluded during daily (cron) backups.

Well I did just exactly that yesterday and again today and it did not work… I wonder what is up?

anything in the error logs?
Have you set an email where to receive errors.
per haps filing a support ticket is best in this case


where is the error log lol?

If you have your root alias set to something sane (like your personal email address), you will receive an email containing the results of all cronjobs, including backups.

I tried different methods and this worked perfectly. Please hit “Like” if it works for you as well.

Here is a solution:

Case I: Single Directory
Exclude a directory from backups:


Then syntax in “Files to exclude from each domain” should be:


Case II: Multiple Directories
Exclude multiple directories from backups:


Then syntax in “Files to exclude from each domain” should be:


Case III: Exclude file extensions

Exclude .exe .tar .tar.gz :

Then syntax in “Files to exclude from each domain” should be:


Case IV: All above cases at once

public_html/docs public_html/var public_html/media/cache *.exe *.tar *.tar.gz

These exclude files/directories are applicable globally for all websites/subdomains included in the backups. If you want to exclude the files/directories for website specific then you need to create schedule different backups for each domain.