EveryDNS & Gmail playing nice together?

Hi Joe.

Seems like you really know the business, I’d appreciate some help on this :slight_smile:

I have 5 sites. All with GoDaddy and all filled at EveryDNS. I started using EveryDNS services because I wanted to use GoogleApps in my sites. It works nice but after that my sites are usually down.

At GoDaddy I’ve the nameservers for EveryDNS and for my hosting provider too.

At EveryDNS I have the NS records corresponding to my hosting nameservers.

Also at EveryDNS I changed the AXFR to “Allow all” (I tried first to give permission only to my hosting NS but I just keep getting “Please specify a nameserver to grant AXFR permission to” so I had to allow all). BTW, that didn’t fix it.

Anyway, the thing is that my sites are down most of the time.

"ah…lifes…good" wrote:

2. At EveryDNS.net, I set up these entries

mydomain.com A
www.mydomain.com A
mail.mydomain.com A
ftp.mydomain.com A
mydomain.com MX mail.mydomain.com

So, some of those records should help me, right? but what about the IP, what IPs should I use? (obviously you won’t be able to tell me which one, what I mean is to what corresponding iP should I point; where to get them).

In the other hand, this Virtualmin seems interesting. I wouldn’t care about re-creating all my CNAMEs & MXs (about +50) if I’ll can get my sites up, running and with GoogleApps all working fine. And obviously if it does the magic I wouldn’t care about paying for the service (if it has cost) either.

Thanks in advance for any advise :slight_smile:

P.S.: I wrote a couple times to the EveryDNS support but I never got an answer even when I have donated :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is really off-topic for VM but I’ll take a stab at it.

You want to use EveryDNS for DNS but because of so much down time you want to use the DNS at godaddy correct?

If that is the case you can’t unless godaddy will allow you to use them as a secondary which I don’t think you can.

You need to find a secondary to host your dns which you can google for. There are lots of free places for that.<br><br>Post edited by: sgrayban, at: 2007/08/03 07:07