ETA on Virtual-Server 3.43?

Just noticed that 3.43gpl is out already. Any idea when we might see it fly our way? :slight_smile:

That, and is it safe for me to copy out the mysql-specific stuff? Reason is that I’m setting up dbmail, and already I’ve run into the “oops, need to do the grant tables on all API nodes” bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s coming today. The Professional version gets a couple of days of QC testing, usually.

In this case, though, Jamie added a couple of major new features that require quite a bit of additional package support (Ruby+rubygems–all you ruby developers are getting a bonus with 3.43). So I’ve been building like mad to get all of the necessary components available in our repositories. It’s all finished except for CentOS/RHEL 3, and I’m hoping to wrap that up ASAP.