Espired Key virtualmin 6

OS type and version DEBIAN 11
Webmin version REQUIRED
Virtualmin version REQUIRED
Related packages SUGGESTED


We use the virtualmin 6 repository and when we try to update it it appears that the Key has expired.

“Failed to update apt cache: W:GPG error: http: // software3 . virtualmin . com/vm/6/gpl/apt virtualmin-universal InRelease: The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG D9F9010760D62A6B Virtualmin, Inc. (Package signing key for Virtualmin 6), E:The repository ‘http: // software3 . virtualmin . com/vm/6/gpl/apt virtualmin-universal InRelease’ is not signed.”

If we try to use the virtualmin 7 repository it gives us an error because we are not authorized.

“Failed to update apt cache: E:Failed to fetch http: // software3 . virtualmin . com /vm/7/gpl/apt/dists/virtualmin-universal/InRelease 401 Unauthorized [IP: 80], E: The repository ‘http: // software3 . virtualmin .com/vm/7/gpl/apt virtualmin-universal InRelease’ is not signed.”

Do you have the new virtualmin 6 KEY or can this version no longer be used?

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You have downloaded the virtualmin 7 key ? And added the correct line to you debian sources . A better way is to use the script to update this

It’s also possible to fix Virtualmin repos by running:

virtualmin setup-repos
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We don’t use the virtualmin app, we just use the repository to install jailkit on the server.

Then you could just use:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL" -- --setup

But we don’t want to install the virtualmin panel or the entire application you have, we just want to access the repository to install jailkit, as we have been doing until now, if this is possible.

What we did was configure the virtualmain 6 repository for virtualmain-xenial and virtualmain-universal and with these 2 repositories we installed jailkit on our servers.

Now with the expired Key it does not allow us to connect to the repositories, that is why we ask if it is possible to have that new Key without having to install the entire virtualmain application, just to access those 2 repositories.

Yes, I understood that. That command only sets up Virtualmin repositories. It doesn’t install Virtualmin or any other packages.

OK sorry.

We’ll try it and tell you something.

Thank you!!

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