Errors Creating New Virtural Servers

I had to completly rebuild my server because of a hacking issue. I decided to use CentOS 5 since that is the prefered OS. I followed the instructions to a tee.
Now after the 7th VS was completed, I am unable to create any more without getting several errors. Now when I create a VS an login to port 20000 I see a error:
Failed to login to POP3 server : Internal error occurred.
I also see that AWstats is failing to install. When I look at the newly created user (under edit email etc) I see that there is a failure that disk quota was exceeded by 971% (9.71G). I have the default set for 50 MB.
What happened all of a sudden?

What happened all of a sudden?

I have no idea.

I’m guessing you have something that’s runaway and eating disk space at a rapid clip. Could be a hacking issue–did you correct the security issues you had on the previous system? If you’re running the same web applications, and one of those was used to exploit your system before, you’ve probably got the same problem you had on the old system. Exploits aren’t magic or bad luck…they happen because something on the system is exploitable.

Anyway, I’m guessing you’re running out of memory, in addition to having disk space problems, so regardless of whether it is an exploit problem, or just a runaway process, you need to determine what is causing problems.

Use the top command (preferred, as it is roughly realtime) or the System Processes module to see what processes are running and which ones are working hard and using a lot of memory. If that doesn’t give you any clues, there are other tools like du that can help you figure out where disk usage is happening–and from there you can use lsof to find out which process is writing to the rapidly growing files (if it isn’t obvious from the filename or location).